Biological Growth Controller

Biological Growth Controller

cooling water treatment biocide
enclosed cooling water systems

Aquamarine Biological Growth Controller includes a safe biocide for preventing and controlling marine growth in fresh or seawater cooling systems. It also protects against electrolytic and acid corrosion by film formation. Fully biodegradable and non-oil based it does not accumulate in the environment..
Aquamarine Biological Growth Controller is also effective against bacteria and algae in oil and contaminated water.

• Ballast tank cleaning
• Mollusc control in seawater intakes and cooling systems
• Algae, shellfish and micro-organism controller
• Trim tank cleaning
• Closed circuit cooling system cleaning
• Suitable in systems operating up to 130oC
• Fuel and lube oil decontamination

In water systems dosage should be varied between 1 litre/tonne of water in a mildly contaminated, closed circuit system and up to 10 litres/tonne for severe contamination.
In sea water intakes and cooling systems a concentration of 6 p.p.m. over a period of one hour is sought. This period is sufficient to remove the foulants before adult development, after which they are difficult to control. In the absence of the availability of Aquabac 80 this product may be used at 6 p.p.m. in the water phase of fuel oil before separation.

Pack Size 25 litres
For specific Fuel Oil Treatment use Aquabac 80 MBC treatment.(see fuel treatments)

A very strong broad-spectrum product with biocide characteristics for fuel, water or lube
oil microbiological contamination.

25 litre Drum
NSN J150 6840-99-433-2417 Product Ref. 0008