Corrosion Controller 30 Concentrate

Corrosion Controller 30 Concentrate

Liquid Engine cooling water corrosion and scale inhibitor

Aquamarine Corrosion Controller is an easy to use concentrated liquid that inhibits electrolytic corrosion, navigational corrosion and controls scale and sludge. It is also compatible with a wide range of hoses, gaskets and seals.
Aquamarine Corrosion Controller passivates metal surfaces and combines with sledges, scale and rust deposits to allow their gradual removal. It is suitable for low, medium and high speed engines.
To clean out a cooling water system which has been treated previously with another chemical or has oil or scale contamination use the Diesel engine cooling water Inline Cleaner (Product No 14).
For oil only contamination use the Aquawash in circulation at a dilution of 0.5 and 7 litres per tonne of cooling water dependant on degree of contamination. Circulate for 1-2 hours, empty and then flush with clean water.

• Internal combustion engine and compressor cooling systems
• Heat pump water systems
• Re-circulating cooling water systems
• Hot water heating systems
• Suitable for jacket water used in evaporator feed heaters
• Chilled water systems
• Hot chilled water systems
• Ice melting water systems
• Compatible with Ethylene Glycol used as antifreeze.

Aquamarine Corrosion Controller should be fed directly by the bypass pot feeder to the main circulating line or into the cooling water expansion tank.
(For systems using totally de-ionised water raise nitrite levels to 1700 p.p.m. as corrosion is more likely.)







Try to keep Nitrites within the parameters described.
Low Nitrite levels will give rise to an unprotected system and ultimately corrosion problems.
Log sheets should be returned to Aquamarine on a monthly basis for analysis by email or fax. A report will be sent back to you

25 Litre Pack Size
NSN J100 6850-99-239-2381 Product Ref. 004B