Marisol ® CW Approved Cooling Water Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor

Marisol ® CW Approved Cooling Water Corrosion Inhibitor

MARISIOL CW is a liquid compound, based on nitrite/borate products, improved with active agents, which together protect iron and metal against corrosion, scale and deposits.
MARISOL CW contains no chromates. It can be mixed with ordinary anti-freeze (glycol) or water containing similar cooling water additives. It is not sensitive to moderate over-dosing. Recommended limits should be considered along with engine manufacturers instructions.
MARISIOL CW is developed for use in diesel engines and main and auxiliary cooling water systems, not containing aluminium; MARISOL CW should preferably be used together with evaporated or deionised water with hardness as close to zero as possible.
This type of water is chemically clean and forms less deposits. However, it is also more corrosive and contains more oxygen and needs careful chemical treatment. Ordinary tap water would be avoided but could possibly be accepted if no other water is available.
The hardness must not exceed 10ppm and the pH shall be such that treated water does not exceed pH 10. MARISOL CW has been approved according to the international, and by engine manufacturers commonly accepted FW method, (Forschungs Vereinigung Verbrennungskraftmashine), Frankfurt. Individual approval is given by New Sulzer Diesel, MAN/B&W, Wärzilä Diesel, etc….





Initial Dose

Dose an untreated system with 6 litres MARISOL CW per m³ of cooling water to reach a minimum level of 1000 p.p.m and 9 litres for a medium level of 1500ppm.
If tests show too low concentration ©, an additional dosage of (q) litre/m3 should be made to reach the medium level of 1500 p.p.m: q = 9 – (0.006 x C)

Test figure show 800 p.p.m Nitrite in a 15m3 cooling water system. q = 9 – (0.006 x 800) = 4.2 litres/m3 = 4.2 x 15 = 63 litres to be added.
Dosage should be performed by a dosing pump or manually in the header tank for 20-30 minutes, providing that at least part of the water is circulating through.

Pack Size: 25 litres
NSN J150 6850-99-192-5292 Product Ref. 0037