Fast Dry Electrical Cleaner

Fast Dry Electrical Cleaner

Aquamarine Fast Dry Electrical Cleaner is a solvent that effectively and quickly dissolves grease, tar, wax and oil from electrical equipment on contact. It dries in seconds and leaves no residue.

• Removal of oil, grease, carbonaceous deposits from electrical equipment, electrical motors and mechanical parts
• Suitable for engines electrical motors, generators, switches, contractors, winches, coils and mechanical
• Non toxic
• Non corrosive
• Flash point of greater than 110°C Complies with Montreal Protocol

Aquamarine Fast Dry Electrical Cleaner should be applied undiluted to electrical equipment by soaking, dipping, brushing or wiping with a clean lint-free cloth, or spraying with a hand spray. Adequate ventilation is recommended and excessive over use of the solvent should be avoided.

Pack Size 25 litres or 4 x 5 Litres or Aerosols 400 ml x 12

Please request a free spray dispenser for easy application.
25 Ltrs – NSN J200 6850-99-365-6022 Product Ref. 0011
4 x 5 Ltrs – NSN J200 6850-99-690-7748 Product Ref. 0011