Water Treatments

Water Treatments

Engines & Boilers

Water treatment for Ship Boilers/hot water systems and Engine Cooling Systems including Aluminium system treatments.

Potable Water Treatment for Freshwater/ Potable/Drinking water disinfection and potable water treatment we offer a dedicated range of products. This includes  hygiene and infection control.


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1. Galley Final Stage sterilant- total protection: Shipsan®Spray Sterilant (500ml Spray) for Showers, Galley Surfaces and all equipment, Laundry areas, Hose couplings, Air Filters, Hoses etc.
2. Super-Chlorination, the easy spray application way,  Shipsan® (25 Litres) for Potable Water Tanks, spray application for fast         treatment.  Easier application, better efficacy, non-corrosive, Cost effective in use – no waiting time, instant results, easy to use. Request Data Sheet.
3. Shower Descalant – Shipsan®San-Scale descalant & Sterilant all-in-one meets all the requirements for the control and prevention of legionnaires disease.
4. Shipsan Potable Water treatment – Shipsan® (25 Litres) More effective, Less product, Safer, Less management. Request Data Sheet