Enzyme Descaling Effervescent Sachets

Enzyme Descaling Effervescent Sachets

Enzyme Descaling Effervescent Sachets for the Descaling of Uric Scale

Aquamarine Enzyme Descaling Sachets will effectively treat pipes, which are under constant attack from uric acid scale. The sachets, which are effervescent, contain one dose of descalant, which is recommended as a weekly maintenance dose for pipes,
which are prone to this type of problem.

The sachets are compatible with all types of metal and seals and may be used when the toilets are in service. It is recommended to use Biovac regularly for the prevention of scale from a clean system and for non-vacuum systems to use the Enzyme Toilet Cleaner.
All products are compatible with Hamworthy and similar type effluent plant.

Dosing and Use
The sachet is fully biodegradable and so is dispensed into the toilet bowl by hand. The sachet will start to break down after about 10 seconds contact with water. At this point hands should be kept clear of the solution at all times. The sachet should then be left for a minimum of 20 minutes but preferably overnight.

Dose for treating scaled pipe work and toilets
For fully scaled pipes the sachet should be applied daily for 2 weeks or until the scale has been completely broken down and has gone. This will depend on the thickness of the scale but an effective result may be achieved ultimately.

Dose for maintenance/prevention of scale build-up
2 sachets per week, if the biovac is used as a combined scale preventative/toilet pipe cleaner then there is no need to use the sachets.






1. Place sachet into toilet bowl using gloves
2. Allow to dissolve and then brush around the toilet bowl
3. Leave for a minimum of 20 minutes
4. Flush

RE-ORDER CODE: DTABS100 Packed in 5kg drums
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