General oil and grease remover for use with oily water separators (This is a solvent based product – Use Natural Zest for a fast splitting water based product)

Aquamarine Quickbreak is a fast separating cleaner that leaves less than 15 p.p.m. oil in the water after splitting working in conjunction with oily water separators in compliance with current IMO regulations.

• Compatible with all types of oily/water separators and coalescers
• General engine room degreasing
• Cargo Tank Cleaning
• Low Toxicity
• Non Corrosive
• Hydrophobic

Aquamarine Quickbreak can be applied by brushing or soaking. It should not be sprayed, nor should contamination or washing with other cleaners be allowed. Either of these events can drastically reduce the effectiveness of the splitting process.
At least 30 minutes should be allowed between the use of Aquamarine Quickbreak and the operation of the separator. The most common source of contamination is from air side turbocharger washings containing air cooler cleaner type products. It is suggested that the cleaner and washings are prevented from entering the bilge by collecting them from the drain of the air side of the turbocharger.
Quickbreak can be used for cargo tank cleaning of mineral oils and petroleum based chemicals. It is used also for cleaning and degreasing of grease soiled surfaces such as:
1. Oil side of fuel and lube oil heat exchangers
2. Boilers
3. Engine cooling water systems

Pack Size 25 Litres
NSN J150-6850-99-212-8487 Product Ref. 0010