Rust Remover & Purifier Disc Cleaner

Rust Remover & Purifier Disc Cleaner

A liquid, acid based rust remover and surface brightener
• IMO approved for tank washings.
• For environmental and long term treatments use Aquamarine “Aquatan” or Aquamarine “Aquasteel”

Aquamarine Rust Remover is a liquid blend of surfactants and emulsifying agents in a specially inhibited inorganic acid-based solvent. Aquamarine Rust Remover/Disc Cleaner removes the heavy tenacious deposits which collect in fuel and lube oil centrifugal separators. It is extremely effective at removing these deposits without the necessity of dismounting the disc stacks. It also removes rust, cleans and passivates ferrous surfaces and removes stains from stainless steel, brass and copper.

• Rust Removing
• Passivating
• Metal surface brightener including aluminium
• Disc cleaning without dismantling disc stacks
• For pickling iron and steel surfaces after a welding repair
• Removes heavy tenacious deposits from steel or ferrous metal parts
• Cleans down to metal surfaces
• Leaves no film or residue
• Improves efficiency of centrifuge installation


Disc Cleaning:
Use Aquawash for disc cleaning in Ultrasonic Tank applications.
Aquamarine Purifier Disc Cleaner can be used for cleaning all types of separators and separator discs. It is suitable for cleaning of disassembled units parts.

Separators can be cleaned by:
• Removing the separator disc stack and soaking in a solution of Rust Remover/Disc Cleaner, also circulating or agitating the solution and heating will enhance the cleaning.
• Removing the separator discs and dismantling the stack, then soaking the discs in a neat solution. Discs can be sprayed if a soaking tank is not available. In some cases scrubbing the discs may be required.
• In-situ cleaning of separators. This product may be used on some types of separators, however Aquawash is recommended as a better solution for most disc cleaning applications except where particular scaling problems occur where THIS product will give better performance.

Rust Streak Removal
(for removal and treatment of rust see Aquatan and Aquasteel for a better long term solution):
• For rust removal the surfaces to be treated should be free from loose materials, flaking paint, dirt or oil. Aquamarine Rust Remover should be diluted with water. Always add acid to water never the opposite – this rule can be applied to all acids. The dilution should be between 1:2 and 1:10 depending on the severity of the staining. The solution can be applied by brushing, spraying or immersion. After 20 – 40 minutes the residues should be rinsed off thoroughly with clean water.
• For use with aluminium use a solution between 10 – 25% and rinse after about 30mins. For best performance on aluminium use Natural Zest Degreaser for degreasing as it has a neutral pH.
• For stainless Steel Disc Cleaning (never use on copper, brass or bronze parts), dilute to 4 – 10 parts water, and immerse from 1 – 3 hours depending on the severity of the job concerned. Cleaning will be accelerated with elevated temperatures up to 60°C and agitation. After cleaning rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Pack Size
25 ltrs
NSN J200 6850-99-488-7581 Product Ref. 0015