Liquid Skin Cleanser – 500ml

Liquid Skin Cleanser – 500ml

Can be used without water!








Kind on the environment and your skin

A pale amber, slightly viscous liquid skin cleanser with a light citrus fragrance. that will remove ingrained dirt, grease, oil and garden stains easily from the skin and is also suitable for use as a waterless hand cleaner and merely wiped off with a tissue or towel.

• Effective and suitable for both offices and factories
• Can be used daily because of its mildness
• Works with hot or cold water in hard or soft areas
• No residual solvent smell on hands after washing
• Contains emollient to leave the skin soft and supple
• Natural ingredients include coconut oil derivatives
• One cleanser for all staff
• Dispensers available to reduce the risk of cross infection
• Contains no harmful or toxic ingredients

Hand Cleaning: Use up to a 5 gram application onto dry hands. Work well into soil and then rinse with clean water and towel dry. Where water is not readily available rub well into soil and dry using towel or tissue.

Available in 500ml (as above)
Product Ref. 0070